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If you suffer from chronic or acute illness, you should know about a breakthrough medical technology that can potentially cure even life-threatening diseases such as cancer and AIDS.

Many "miracle cures" have come and gone over the years, most of which are worthless or even harmful. The Rife Machine is different. This amazing technology was developed in the 1930s by Dr. Raymond Rife, and it's scientifically proven effective against various cancers, AIDS... it's even successful in combating chronic pain.

Dr. Rife's discovery

Dr. Rife discovered that every organism has its own unique electromagnetic oscillation pattern (vibrational energy), and when an organism becomes diseased, that pattern changes. Dr. Rife discovered that exposing diseased organisms and cells to a modified form of their own oscillation signature destroys the diseased cells, while leaving healthy cells intact and unharmed.

No unwanted side effects

Many conventional drug treatments are highly toxic, particularly those used to treat cancer. These treatments kill cancer cells, but they also damage healthy cells and compromise immunity. They can also cause viruses and bacteria to mutate into resistant strains and result in a variety of other unwanted side effects. The Rife Machine does not change the body's chemistry; rather, it affects the tissues physically, at the cellular level.

Learn how you can benefit

Please explore this site to learn how you can benefit from Dr. Rife's powerful technology, including complete specifications on currently available equipment.

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Recently, we performed test measurements on four popular rife machine frequency generators. Here is a summary chart of our test results.

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